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Princess of Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation ~ Tiny Cock Play

Princess of Humiliation here.... bringing you the hottest humiliation phone sex and small penis humiliation on the net!  I'm a sexy little blonde hottie that you are never gonna get!  That's right.... I will deny you so fast that you will never know what hit you. 

But... I'm totally fun to play with and you will just love how super sexy I am.  I just really know how to deal with you tiny cock guys... I think that is why I am so into small penis humiliation.  It's totally fun for me, to talk to a fun little loser who needs to be put in his place. 

I really love it when you guys call me up and you sound like a little sissy boi straight from the very beginning of the call... and then I ask what you are wearing and the reply I get it a little dicked sissy voice replying, "ooohh... just some panties..."

Makes me fucking laugh my ass off... EVERY time!  I just love a good little sissy panty boy. 

I just talked to one of the most pathetic little perverts ever.  Get this.... not only does this guy have a little two inch dick.... aka micropenis... Well, he confessed to me that he is Mommy's little beat off boy!  He used to listen to his mom get her fat ass fucked by a big dick and he jacked his two inch dick right off in her panties from the other room.  Now that is a little pathetic bitch.  No wonder he is a virgin!!!! 

Seriously, you guys crack me the fuck up!!!!

From your small penis humiliatrix,
Princess Lindy

Humiliation sessions are $1.99 per minute and billed to your credit card (10 minute minimum charge) - Adults only!

Humiliation: Not just for Small Penises Anymore!

Hey, bitches!  What are you doing?  Are you stroking that small penis of yours?  You probably are, you little-dicked bitch!  Are you a little jerk off boy who likes to look at hot girls like me while you just think of what a lil loser you really are, doing it?  The thought of me knowing your little "tricks" probably turns you on... Doesn't it, pervert?

Talked to my little sissy bitch boi cock sucker.  He is so fucking fun.  I love to pimp out his little mouth and make him into my little fucking cum dump for the night. 

Ooh guess who else checked in!  You will never believe it.... LLF!  Yep... little lilly fiddler.  What a little fucking cum dump.  I make all of my male friends do all kinds of shit to this little bitch.  Nothing and I do mean NOTHING is off-limits.  He is my little fucking toy and I do with him whatever the fuck I please. 

Half-way through our session tonight, he proclaimed, "I need two cocks in me at once."  I giggled and jacked off a huge dick up against his little fucking sissy pussy and popped it in.  Pretty soon, I gave him permission to cum and his little girlie clitty was making a naughty little mess in his panties and he was squirming with delight. Hahah!

Oh, and since it has been so long since he's served me, I definitely raped his wallet.  First, I suggested one amount... then I decided to fuck him over for more money and he liked it.

Princess Lindy

Virgin Frankie, Chris and Sissy Slut Tammy!! Small Penis Play with Lindy - Small Penis Humiliation or Bust!

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 7870 | Download | Duration: 00:01:22

Hey Bitches!  I just made a podcast for you all to listen to.  Small penis humiliation or Bust, Losers!

What is going on?  Jason just left for work again after his lunch hour.... He decided that he just wanted to grab a quick sandwich for lunch along with a nice, hard fucking with Yours Truly!  Yep, he gave it to me really good with his HUGE dick.  It's almost nine inches if you must know and no, he's not black.  I do love big black dick, however... As I'm sure most of you do also!  It seems like it's always the lil dickied guys who love to look at black dick, worship it, think about it, and want to suck and fuck it... Just as they should, of course!

Oh em gee... I love making Chris suck dick for me!  He has such a fucking tiny dick and I love making him get on his knees while I jack a big dick right into his slutty little mouth... Just for ME!  *giggles*

Virgin Frankie.. What a lil fucking pathetic panty boy fucking bitch.  I'm telling you what, guys, this loser still lives with Mommy.  He's Momma's lil fucking meatball and all he can do is fuck his little 2 inch dickie, all day long.  I love to tell him what a little virgin bitch he is and I always make him pay the Virgin Tax for being such a fucking bitch.   I'm sure that when that lil pathetic virgin reads this, he will have a 2 inch hard~on, but Frankie, you know that you are NOT allowed to cum!  That lil perv shoots his lil dickie off sooooo much.  So guess what I did?  I put him on ORGASM DENIAL!! LOL!!

Anyway, I just got these really yummy fresh lemons and I'm going to try to make some nice lemonade today.  I've never done it before, but it can't be too hard, right?  I wish I had one of you little bitches over to serve Jason and me later our drinks by the pool... I'm sure you'd love to be my lil sissy maid servant boi! *giggles*

Princess Lindy 1-888-711-3118
$1.99/minute 10 minute minimum
Humiliation or Bust!!

Do you have a small penis? You need humiliation!

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 5636 | Download | Duration: 00:01:30

Hey, bitches!  Vote for me here if you liked listening to my voice clip!  If I get a lot of votes, I will know you like it when I humiliate your small penis, so I will be sure to make more of them for you.

What is going on? 

I love small penis humiliation, so I decided to write another Small Penis Humiliation poem for all you guys out there who fucking love it.

H is for Hottie - I'm the hottie you will never have!
U is for Underpanties.... If you have a little dickie, you should be dressed in these!
M is for Masturbate... You will never get pussy so you may as well be my lil jack off boy.
I is for Inverted... If your dickie is really teenie... you will have an inverted dickie while soft!
L is for Lick.. If you are lucky, I will let you be a good little cum licker for me!
I is for Immerse... Immerse yourself in my world and your lil dick will be sooo hard.
A is for Ass... If you are super lucky, maybe you can lick my ass! *giggles*
T is for Tease... I'm going to tease you about your tiny cock!
I is for Inches... Tell me how many you have!
O is for Other man.... You know your wife would rather fuck one!
N is for Never... The amount of times you can have me!


OMG check out little bitch Sissy Tammy's little CLITTY!  *giggles*

Princess Lindy

C Finally Sucked Cock For Princess & Small Penis Humiliation for Sissy Sluts - All Small Penis Boys Will be Humiliated!!

Hey everybody from Princess Lindy!!!!  What the hell is going on?  Are you ready to pull on your tiny little pathetic penis?  Are you already jacking off that little member?  Do you wish you had a big one or are you satisfied with your tiny cock?  Have you accepted your position (yet) of being a little Sissy boy in an Alpha Male-dominated society?

Oooh how I love to talk to all you guys who have small penises.  I love small penis humiliation for sissy boys.  That is definitely one of my favorite things to discuss if you know what I mean.

My Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker was such a good little bitch for me.  He sucked his very first cock for yours truly.  That is his title... My Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker!! He calls me Princess Hottie because I'm such a naughty and dominant Princess... and I'm HOT too!!! *Giggles*  He just loves my little giggle when he has a big, fat dick in his mouth... Just for me!!

I cucked Johnboy... was so fucking fun... Making him suck on my pretty toes while I get a big, fat cock... Nothing like a naughty cuckold session mixed with small penis humiliation.

Oh, C sucked his first cock for me and he fucking loved it!  I just had to tell you all that he is offically a cock sucker.  Hell, he was a cock-sucker-in-training for a while with me and it took me quite a while to convince him to get on his knees and accept his position as a little bitch... but of course, he buckled and gave in to my deviant ways... He was on his knees, ready to worship that nice cock in front of his face.... Turns you on, doesn't it?  If it does, then you are a little sissy fag boy just like him and I love bringing that out in you!

Princess Lindy
$1.99 per minute - 10 minute minimum - $2.50 per minute for calls outside the USA

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Husband Humiliation, Cuckolding and Making You Suck Dick For Me

What's going on, Bitches?

I love husband humiliation.  Putting hubbies in their place is my fucking job and I take that shit seriously.  *Giggles*  No, but seriously, it's really fun to make fun of little pathetic ass husbands who cannot please their wives.  No wonder they go off and fuck guys with bigger dicks!  Serioulsy, do you blame your slut wifey for you having such a small penis?  All girls deserve a big dick.

OMG this one guy called me and said, "Lindy, do you think that black guys have bigger dicks than white guys like me?"  I asked him how big his dick was.

"Two inches," he replied nervously.  All I could do was laugh.  This guy knows that black guys have huge cocks. He loves to watch the interracial porn and wishes that he could worship that huge, superior dick.  You know you want to do it too, ya fag!

Little Cuckold C just called me.... what a little fucking bitch!  I made him wrap his hand around my boyfriend's big cock while I sucked on it... That made his tiny cock sooo hard.  I even slipped Jason's big dick into C's little slut mouth.  It was so much fun, making him suck dick for me. 

Hmm... Did you all have a good Saint Patrick's Day?  I sure did.... I drank waaaay too much green beer, but it was fucking fun.  I love getting fucking wasted.  Guess what else is fun?  Getting you guys alll fucked up!  I had a LOT of fun with some forced intox the other night — I got my little bitch sooo fucked up on vodka among other things.  We had a fucking blast...

Lindy 1-888-711-3118
$1.99 per min

Humiliation for Small Penis Guys with Princess Lindy

Hey guys.... I just met this new little cucky boy this morning who made me fucking laugh my ass off.  Cuckold could not even keep his dick hard five minutes!!!!  Seriously, he said that as soon as his little four inch dick even FEELS the lips of a pussy, it shoots.  How fucking pathetic is that?  If there is anything worse than a guy with a small penis....  it's a guy who also shoots off early.  How fucking lame is that shit??  Anyway, yesterday was their anniversary and I suggested that he wear a strap-on to satsify her if he's still too much of a pansy ass bitch to give her what she really needs and deserves.  He told me he also has the problem of slipping out whenever he thinks he may be fucking her good.

I just love laughing at you bitches.  My favorite is small penis humiliation fun!  I love it when you send me pictures of your small penis.  OMG the other night my friend Rach was over and we were doing some online shopping when this guy sent me a pic of his tiny cock!  Then he called and he basically got two girls for the price of one because Rachel could not help it but laugh at his little dick with me.  We wanted him to get on cam for us, but he refused.  What a little pussy ass bitch!

Pathetic Virgin Frankie called and wow... he is such a fucking loser.  Bitch still lives at home with Momma.  He is a real big time perv, believe me.  This little bitch loves fucking dirty panties and sick shit like that.  He told me that he even looks at my pics while he jacks off his little pee pee ~ ew!!  He told me he is such a fucking loser that he jacks off and thinks of doing his sis.  What a fucking perv, for real!  Also, the latest thing that I've been laughing my ass off over is the fact that the little virgin hand humper went to a massage parlor.  The girl stripped down, started the massage and poor little Frankie's little limp pee pee could not even get hard!  He told me the girl was hot - it wasn't her... It was his little pathetic pee pee that was so pathetic that it could not even get hard.  Guess what the massage girl asked him.... Are you gay? *giggles*  It would be one thing if he was gay, but he ISN'T!!!  He is a little jack off boy perv who lives with Mommy! 

Speaking of gay boys, you little cock suckers are so much fun to play with!  I know just what you need.... a nice, big, thick dick right on your little sissy mouth.  You know that you want to be my little cock sucker cum slut!  I've had lots of fun with my little sissy pole smokers....

Princess Lindy 1-888-711-3118

Humiliation Phone Sex with Princess Lindy Costs $1.99 per minute - 10 minute minimum
All Credit Cards Accepted - Adults ONLY!
Call Princess Lindy for your dose of humiliation!

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Small Penis Humiliation Poem from Lindy - Is Your Penis Small or What?

Hey guys!  Aww... craving some small penis humiliation?  You have cum to the right place!

 Today was the best day EVER!!!  Jason started the day off SO perfectly by serving me grapes in bed, one by one.  Afterward, we made out for a while and I ended up on his big, fat cock, fucking the morning away.  He just loves it when I'm a little slut for big dick.  I know what you are thinking... Princess Lindy a slut?  Well, for the right guy, yes. 

I know those of you who read my blog don't really understand what it's like to be a real man and fuck a girl right... but it's all good... I'm here to help you embrace your tiny little package.  Besides, you know you just love it when I laugh at it anyway!  Any attention from me makes that tiny cock hard.  I'm not about to lie to you and tell you it's big if it isn't.  That just is soooo not my style.  Why lie when I can humiliate your little bitch ass instead?

Jason and I were sent out to dinner tonight by my little cuckold bitch who loves paying for shit for me!  I also recently had two bills adopted: my Internet bill and my Car Insurance Payment.  You bitches just love paying for my stuff and I fucking love it, too.

I made this little guy into a good little sissy faggot for me and I had the fucking time of my life doing it.  His dick was sooo small that I put him in panties I made him prance around like a little fucking sissy girl.  I wish I had put a little bit of lipstick on him... Maybe next time! 

I told my little slut bitch, "Open your mouth and close your eyes and there will be a big surprise!!"  What do you think he got it his mouth? Probably the same thing you want in YOUR mouth!!   The way I look at it... if you don't have a substantial cock, then you should be on your knees, being a good little gay boy for a real man.  You know it's your place and it's time you accept it like a true slut would.

V - is for Virgin.. My most pathetic bitches are virgins like Petey and Frankie...
A - is for Ass.... Beg to lick my ass, bitch!
L - is for Loser.... Because you know you want to be MY loser!
E - is for Entertainment... You are simply a play toy, here for my entertainment!
N - is for Never!  You will never get your hands on me, you pervert...
T - is for Tiny... The size of your dick!
I - is for Intercourse!  Real men get to fuck girls... not just their hands! LOL
N - is for NONE!  The amount of girls that your dick made cum in your life time....
E - is for Enormous... The size of the cock I get to ride every night!

Well, I hope you liked my little Valentine's Day poem!  Did you??  Please VOTE FOR PRINCESS HERE if you enjoy my blog entries.... Even if you are too chicken shit to call me.  If I see that a lot of you are voting, I will def. write more and more humiliation blogs for you guys to read and jack off your little tiny cocks!!  Tell me if you vote and if you jack off your little dickie to my blog.... Hahaha!

Luv -
Princess Lindy 1-888-711-3118

$1.99 per minute
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Who is up for some small penis humiliation?

Hey Little Dickies!

What is going on?  My boyfriend Jason is already passed out for the night... What the fuck?  It's not even midnight yet on Friday night!  I'm ready to party.  He had a long week though and I guess I will be sweet and let him sleep for a while before I get his big dick again.  Lots of you have asked if my boyfriend has a big dick.  Well, duh, of COURSE he does, silly!  Why would I regularly fuck a guy with a little dick? 

I know lots of girls do it in cuckold relationships, but honestly, I don't know if I could do it.  I mean, the phone sex fantasy of cuckolding is all great... I just know that I love my boyfriend's big dick and I definitely would not have it any other way!  I guess I just don't see me falling in love with a guy with a little dick is my point.  I am totally into small penis humiliation, don't get me wrong...

Speaking of small penises... A few of you sent me little dickie pics recently and I lost them due to getting a brand new computer.  Soo... resend them, bitches!!  Just send them over to lindy at and I will totally get them and if you are a good little bitch for me, you may even be pictured in my blog like some of the lucky little bitches you see here!

But yeah, basically, my well-hung stud lover Jason is an alpha-male type who laughs his ass off at you little fucking losers who call me and pay me to humiliate you.  We both think it's fucking hilarious.

You know you are far from being a real man.  Does the thought of confessing your shortcomings turn you on?  I love to ask a guy how big his dick is.  Guess what is SO funny?  When it's small, the little dickied cuck on the phone has to squeeze in ever quarter-inch on his length.  He won't say his pecker is four inches... He will say, Princess Lindy, my little dick is almost four-and-a-quarter inches....  It always makes me fucking laugh.  If your little cock is under five inches, then what makes you think that your extra quarter-of-an-inch is going to help?

Who should call me???
  • Strap On Slaves
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  • Small Penis Humiliation Lovers
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  • Toe Lickers
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  • $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum;
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    You know you cannot have me and you have to be my little bitch instead.
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Sissy Slut Tammy in Ruffle Butt Panties and My Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker at it Again! Giggles

Hey Losers!  I'm in the mood for some SMALL Penis Humiliation fun!

What the hell is going on??  Not a whole lot here.  Jason is gone tonight for a Bachelor's party.  I did have a girlfriend over, but she went home.  We had fun and she highlighted my hair, which looks totally hot.  Do I mind if Jason goes to a strip joint?  Fuck no, I mean he is with his friends and it's a social bachelor's party thing and honestly... he tells me that I look way better than any of those nasty strippers anyway.  How funny is that shit??

So I'm just home alone now, laughing at you little bitches who are stroking your tiny little dickies and loving every minute of it.  You know that you love being a good little pervert, jacking that little weenie like there is no tomorrow. Here is a pic of my Sissy Tammy girlie slut!!  I told her what to wear and she was a good little panty slut and did exactly as told!  I just love ruffle butt panties for my bitches... What do YOU like to wear when you are feeling naughty, slut??

So yeah, not a whole hell of a lot is going on with me tonight... Just chillin and so I decided I better give you all an update about what is going on in my life.  I seriously think Jason is going to fucking propose, and that totally freaks me out.  We will see!!! I'm glad he doesn't read this blog.  Well, sometimes he does get in on the calls and tells you losers what little bitches you are if you are on the phone and he is in a dominant mood, which is fucking hilarious.

Anyway fucking way.... Where was I??  Ooh so many foot worshippers lately, you nasty little foot sniffing losers!  You probably want to buy a pair of my dirty pantyhose just so you can sniff these feet!  Tell me the truth.. you want to worship my feet, don't you, pervert??

Speaking of PERVERTS, virgin Frankie, you will be getting a fun Christmas card in the mail soon.  Why, do you ask?  Well, when I sent you your last care package, I totally had a blonde moment and forgot to include your humiliation note with it!!  Silly me!!  You will get it soon you little two inch pinch loser little dickie pervert bitch!

My Sissy Faggot Cock sucker has been SUCH a naughty boy for his favorite Princess Hottie, which I fucking love.  Lets just say that when he feels like sucking dick, he brings along a carrot to make friends with the dick he's gonna suck... very naughty! I love it.

Call me for some humiliation, bitch... you know you need it!

Princess Lindy 1-888-711-3118
Humiliation Sessions $1.99 per minute - 10 minute minimum - Discreetly Billed $2.50 per minute for International Calls