Are You A Sissy Wimp?

Hiya Wimp Husbands!!

How are you doing?? I am just loving Halloween quickly approaching. The Fall is Princess’ favorite time of year!! I’m in the best mood tonight — I’ve been up to my usual fun… Primping, pampering and making you piggies pay up! *giggles* After all, what is more fun to do than make you pay for being such a fucking pathetic loser? Yeah, I just love making you pathetic lil pervs jerk off for me, making your little dickies shoot off one by one. Aww you poor thing, is it making you hard to read this? Too bad, that just means you are a lil sissy boy, for me to torment, tease, torture and humiliate!

Just ask some of my little Sissy boys like little Sissy Jessica. I pimped that little whore out so good last night and had her eating so much cum for Princess. She looks like such a little cum whore, with lots of gobs of goo, slimed all over that little bitch’s face. Stuff like that amuses me and makes me laugh, which is why I do what I do! Lots of you guys ask me, “Princess Lindy, I’m so glad that I have you to talk to about me being such a loser and stuff… Why do you even take time out of your day to talk to me? I don’t get it?”

“Well, Loser,” I sassily reply, “Laughing at your little pathetic cock is so much fun, especially when you think it’s a real cock, even though you can only stroke it with two fingers at once.” Also, duh, it’s fun to tell you how it is!! I’m sure that most of the girls in your life have lied to you and told you that “size doesn’t matter” or some bullshit like that, but trust me, it not only matters, but it’s actually essential to good sex and good sex is essential to totally satisfying a woman… So yeah, you do the math. *giggles* Oh, I know it just makes your cock hard to think of your girlfriend or wifey with another man anyway, a guy with a big cock who can fuck her properly…

My little Cunt LLF (T) called and of course I threw him in a little pair of pink panties right away. After all, he is my little sissy cum bitch and he always must do exactly as I instruct him to do! Whether it’s slurping up cum for me or grabbing his ankles and getting his little slutty cunt fucked, he’s my bitch and trust me, he never says “no” to his Princess. Do you, you cunt? *smiles* That’s what I thought… I love it when I get his little fuck holes used hard - it just proves his devotion to Princess.

I should probably mention my little Virgin Bitch Frankie… Because he is like always begging me to write about him… *Giggles* Yeah, he’s such a fucking loser it’s not even funny. He’s a virgin who will like never get laid because his dick is seriously so small sex would just be pointless with him. He calls me and I make him fuck his pussy hand because that is certainly the only pussy Frankie will be getting anytime soon! He is my pay piggy loser fucking pathetic bitch virgin… Check your mail soon, Frankie! I sent you a little humiliating letter that your little dick will fucking love… Well, I’m off but definitely call me so I can make fun of your tiny cock.

Don’t Forget to Vote for Your Princess! *smiles*nbsp; If this made your tiny dick stick out then be sure to vote! *giggles*

Princess Lindy - 1 866 376 5604

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex - Small Cock Fun!


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  • 10/30/2007 11:44 PM tony wrote:
    Hi it's tony and yes Princess im a sissy wimp with a tiny little cock. I love your reading your blog it make my tiny dick stand up in my panties. Do you think you could write about me in your next blog please Princess? Maybe give me a humiliation assignment to do for you? I would write back with the details of what happened. Thank you so much i worship you Princess Lindy
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