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Hey Everybody!!!  What the eff is UP??  Probably your little dick if you are checking out my site.... *giggles*  Sooo how has everybody's summer been going??

OMG the funniest thing ever, my little dickie friend Scott is such a little bitch.  (Name used with permission).  He has such a small penis.  Teenie tiny, I'm talking.  Really little.  Anyway... so he was going to this beach to relax on his day off, right?  Well, he was telling me that his tiny cock would be so hard from looking at all the pretty babes on the beach.  That little pervert was so afraid that his little dickie would get hard.... Well, simply because I know that he loves it when girls see his hard (tiny) cock, I figured it would be soooo fun and HUMILIATING to send him to the beach in a speedo!!  So that is exactly what Princess did.  I made him send me pics from his digicam with time stamps so I knew for sure he was following his assignment.  He even called me from the beach and I could hear lots of people there... *giggles* Oh, I have way too much fun with you little guys with small penises!     

Sent another slut to Victoria Secret for some new panties.  Oh, I love sending you Sissies out and about on your special little sissy assignments, simply to prove what a good little sissy bitch you are for Princess!  Speaking of Victoria Secret, thank you so much to Cuckold Pete for the gift certificate to there!! *beams*  You know that is Princess' favorite store... : )  He gave me a hundred bucks to spend in there... yay! 

The subject of big, superior black dick has come up time and time again lately on the phone with you naughty little white boys!  You know that your dick does not compare with the gorgeous, superior, huge black dick that I will probably make you suck on if you are lucky!!  Yeah, those are my thoughts on that because it's the TRUTH.  I heard some bullshit that the average black guy is only like one inch longer (on average) than the normal white guy.  Wanna know Princess' two cents??  Sure you do!!  BULL EFFING SHIT!!  Ok guys, I know from case study after case study that this is total and utter bullshit.  I wanna know HOW they were measuring, starting at the base, starting underneath the balls, what the fuck?  If I had to bet my bottom dollar, I guesstimate that black men have at LEAST three more inches, not to mention girth.

Big hello to a guy I teased last night.... I rubbed his lucky face in my ass til it was hard and he was so teased by the look of my hot vag right thru my tight little shorts!!!  It made his penis soooo hard... Listen to my podcast : )


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